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RKC4 [Adam Ficek / Roses Kings Castles]

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RKC4 is the forth album (following British Plastic in 2011, Suburban Time Bomb in 2010, and Roses Kings Castles in 2008) and fifth release (also following Apples & Engines EP in 2009) from Adam Ficek's RKC (previously known as "Roses Kings Castles").

The album was released on on 1st November 2014, and may see an official physical release; "A label want RKC4. That's 5 records I've made. Another next year. I quite like it. But need a job to pay dem bills." Some of the tracks have now been recorded for Adam's debut solo EP, EP1.


#1Back Up03:29
#2Any Which Way04:10
#5French Paul03:54
#6Walk 03:12
#9To Do04:08

ProducerAdam Ficek