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Cave Demos [Yeti]

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The Cave Demos are a set of demo tracks recorded by the band Yeti in 2005 and released onto their official website for free. They are named the "Cave Demos" because they were recorded in a basement known to the band as their "cave". It is not currently known how many of these demos exist, however there are five that have been heard by fans, including Jermyn Girls (Cave Demo), which was released as a Japanese Bonus Track to Yeti's first album, Yume!. The remaining four were uploaded onto the internet via MySpace, and the bands official website.

In December 2007, the band posted on their official website that their "cave" had been flooded by rain in London and that lots of equipment and "various old 4 track rehearsal tapes" had been ruined. It is unknown if any tracks from Yeti's "Cave Demos" have been lost.


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