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SHAMBLES1 [Babyshambles]

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When Andrew Kendall uploaded the content of Doherty's "My Music" folder, along with The Laptop Recordings, in April 2006, it contained a folder called SHAMBLES1, in which only two of the tracks contained titles. One of them was At the Flophouse and the other one was titled Handsome?, with the rest of the 17 tracks being called "DM100022 Babyshambles" (Nb, the Number changed for each track).

Many of the tracks are quite low quality, generally being around the same quality as The Laptop Recordings, and with people talking over the top. Included in SHAMBLES1 are accoustic versions of Through the Looking Glass, Up the Morning, Piracy, Cuckoo 1440,A'rebours, Killamangiro and Doherty and Peter Wolfe covering The Beatles song, Here Comes The Sun.

The version of At the Flophouse that is track #1 on this session is the same recording that was released as a B Side track to the single, Babyshambles in 2004.


#15At the Flophouse-(Alison, Doherty)
#2DM100047 Babyshambles (Here Comes the Sun)-
#3DM100046 Babyshambles-
#4DM100041 Babyshambles (Up the Morning - Instrumental)-
#5DM100043 Babyshambles (Piracy)-
#6DM100042 Babyshambles-
#7DM100027 Babyshambles (A rebours)-
#8DM100040 Babyshambles (Up the Morning - Instrumental)-
#9DM100038 Babyshambles (Up the Morning - Instrumental)-
#10DM100036 Babyshambles-
#117Anthem for Doomed Youth (As "Handsome?")-(Barat, Doherty)
#12DM100024 Babyshambles (Killamangiro)-
#13DM100023 Babyshambles-
#14DM100048 Babyshambles-
#15DM100068 Babyshambles-
#16DM100022 Babyshambles (Cuckoo 1440)-
#17DM100069 Babyshambles (Through the Looking Glass)-
#18DM100062 Babyshambles-
#19DM100020 Babyshambles-


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