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Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline [Carl Barat]

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Carnegie Hall was rocked out by Carl and many guests. Kicking off with 9 Lives, Carl strummed through a Libertines and DPT filled set, with threads of new material inbetween, before a rousing finale of Don't Look Back Into The Sun, Can't Stand Me Now, Time For Heroes and Bang Bang You're Dead.

He played the first couple of songs alone, adding after the France solo: "It doesn't sound right without Pete". Band joined him for the rest of the set: Drew McConnell (Bass), Anthony Rossomondo (Guitar) Scottish Drummer guy, Two gals on strings.

Opening act:
Kieren Leonard's setlist:
01. Harold Pinter is Dead
02. Song of Desert Experience
03. The Great Depression
04. Oedipus Rex
05. Tangled up in Blue
06. Study of Hurting You
07. Song for the Doomed
08. King My Father
09. Jerusalem


#1Harold Pinter is Dead-
#2Song of Desert Experience-
#3The Great Depression-
#4Oedipus Rex-
#5Tangled up in Blue-
#6Study of Hurting You-
#7Song for the Doomed-
#8King My Father-
#10 9 Lives-
#119Ballad of Grimaldi-(Barat, Doherty)
#132So Long, My Lover-(Barat)
#1411What a Waster-(Barat, Doherty)
#154Blood Thirsty Bastards-
#1618Music When The Lights Go Out-(Doherty)
#182Come Closer-
#1911The Man Who Would Be King-(Barat, Doherty)
#21Monday morning-
#2213Truth Begins-
#2312Don't Look Back Into The Sun-(Barat, Doherty)
#2420Can't Stand Me Now-(Barat, Doherty, Hammerton)
#2519Time for Heroes-(Barat, Doherty)
#265Bang Bang You're Dead-(Barat)

Location Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline

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