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Live At The MacBeth - London [Drew McConnell / Helsinki]

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Former Babyshambles guitarrist, Patrick Walden, played with Drew in the Helsinki set. John Robinson, co-writer of Fall From Grace, Minefield and I Am The Rain, also performed that night.


#2Overtones of Sierra Leone04:46(McConnell)
#3Ordinary Man06:14(McConnell)
#41Owe It To Yourself05:38(McConnell)
#5The Batteries Weren't Dead (Instrumental)05:32
#61The Very Last Boy Alive02:49(McConnell)
#7Unknown 1 (John Robinson)04:25
#89Fall From Grace (John Robinson)03:16(Doherty, McConnell, Robinson)
#9Unknown 2 (John Robinson)05:31
#10Unknown 3 (John Robinson)05:57
#11Unknown 4 (John Robinson)03:45

Location The MacBeth - London

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