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#1 (Up the) Albion Radio [Peter Doherty]

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A mixtape from the world of albion put together by the admins of UptheAlbion.com for NVMradio.com. It was first aired saturday 1st of February 2014, and then replayed the day after.


#13Sticks and Stones (Branding Session)03:33(Doherty, Wolfe)
#25Carry On Up the Morning (Stookie + Jim Bumfest Demo)03:28(Doherty, Whitnall)
#321Death on the Stairs (Rhytm Factory (2007))02:56(Barat, Doherty)
#44Dilly Boys (Monitor Mixes)03:21(Barat, Doherty)
#520Albion (Babyshambles Session)03:44(Doherty)
#61Owe It To Yourself (Drews Helsinki)03:53(McConnell)
#75Darling Clementine (Royalty Songs)01:54(Doherty)
#86Sedative (Get Loaded)05:28(Doherty)
#912The Whole World Is Our Playground (Freewheelin Pete)02:31(Doherty)
#1014Gang of Gin (Killamangiro B-side)04:42(Doherty)
#119Plan A (Up the Bracket B-side)03:22
#122Down For the Outing (Demo)03:29
#13The Last Time You Go (Yeti)02:49
#144Sister Sister (Legs 11)03:02(Hassall)
#152Dr. No (Caprice Festival)03:51(Doherty, McConnell, Whitnall)
#164France (Carl: Accoustic Session Mexico)01:36(Barat)
#1716Fuck Forever (Radio 1 Session)04:39(Doherty, Walden)


Tomas Friday 29.Aug 11:22, 2014
Re-uploaded on request :)

Tomas Sunday 1.Feb 23:29, 2015
One year ago, today. Time flies!

WhatFan mixtape

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