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Work In Progress [Peter Doherty]

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Peter Doherty's "Work in Progress" are rough acoustic recordings of known and unknown songs in early stages that have been recorded between 2004 and 2012 by Peter Doherty and Paul Ro in Peter's flat in Paris, Paul's flat in Whitechapel and Kate Moss her house in Gloucestershire. Songs are in non chronological year order.

01 Down For The Outing
02 Sweet Matilda
03 The Prism of your Mind
04 Balloon man
05 Siberian Fur
06 Camden Road
07 Could it be Arranged
08 Mothers Ring
09 Songs they Never Play
10 The Peep Show is the Real Show
11 The Drunken Bed
12 After You
13 Shotting
14 Baddie's Boogie
15 Deft Left Hand
16 Gangster's Dauhgter
17 Gangster's Daughter (Added Vitamines)
18 Mata Hari (with Mik Withnall)
19 Kosher Boys (with Mik Withnall)
20 Colormatta (with Mik Withnall)
21 Sheepskin TearAway
22 Salomé
23 Chain Gang & Bound Together
24 Dead Duck
25 Delivery
26 Why Don't They Take Me Away
27 You Talk Utah
28 14.40 (fourteen_forty)
29 It's those KP Nuts again
30 Juno
31 The Art of The Matter
32 The Lost Art of Murder
33 Waiting by the front door
34 Raise the Kaboose
35 Old Road
36 Noone canhold A light toyourMisery
37 Stranger in My Own Skin I
38 Stranger in My Own Sking II
39 Stranger in My Own Skin III
40 Stranger in My Own Skin IV
41 Cheapshot I
42 Cheapshot II & III
43 Cheapshot IV
44 Dustbowl I
45 Dustbowl II
46 Dustbowl III
47 Bonjourtristresse I
48 Bonjourtristresse II
49 Bonjourtristresse III
50 Bonjourtristresse IV
51 Bonjourtristresse V
52 Bonjourtristresse VI
53 Instrumental Afterbox


*01 Down For the Outing; This track was recorded by Professorro for Peter
shortly after he arrived back in London
from Chiang Mai. Recorded July 2012
*02 Sweet Matilda; Recorded 2007
*03 The Prism of your Mind; Recorded 2011
*04 Balloon man; Recorded 2011
*05 Siberian Fur; Wolfman song Recorded 2011
*06 Camden Road; Unlike the former piece "prison of my mind" this is probably
not a complete song but i'm maybe guessing wrong, Peter didn't yet
spit his rhymes on this gentle instrumental meditation.
The opening phrase "wolfman's gone away" is not repeated or developed. Recorded 2011
*07 Could it be Arranged; Recorded 2011
*08 Mothers Ring; Recorded 2011
*09 Songs they Never Play; Recorded Halloween Eve 2011
*10 The Peep Show is the Real Show; Recorded 2011
*13 Shotting; Recorded 2007
*14 Baddie's Boogie; Recorded 2005
*15 Deft Left Hand; Recorded 2006
*16 Gangster's Daughter; A true story and should have been title track of the
proposed forthcoming acoustic album
*17 Gangster's Daughter (Added Vitamines); Recorded 2011
*18 Mata Hari (with Mik Withnall); Recorded September 2007
*19 Kosher Boys (with Mik Withnall); Recorded September 2007
*20 Colormatta (with Mik Withnall); Recorded September 2007
*24 Dead Duck; Recorded August 30th 2004
*25 Delivery; Recorded October 2006
*26 Why Don't They Take Me Away; Inspired by The Universal by The Small Faces Recorded September2006
*27 You Talk Utah; Recorded August 2006
*28 14.40 (fourteen/forty); Recorded same session as Delivery; Recorded OCtober 2006
*29 It's those KP Nuts again; With Kate Moss. Recorded June 2007
*32 The Lost Art Of Murder; Formerly known as exmess foil bingle Recorded 2007
*35 Old Road; Know Known as Lost Art Of Murder Recorded 2006
*37-40 Stranger In my Own skin; All songs recorded by Peter August 5 2009
*41-43 Cheapshot; All songs recorded by Peter August 7 2009
*44-46 Dustbowl; Also Known as Ask the dust, all Recorded by Peter June 29 2010
*47-52 Bonjourtristresse; All songs Recorded by Peter August 10 2010
*53 Instrumental Afterbox; Recorded in a pensive "day after boxing day" mood,
27th December 2006

ProducerPeter Doherty, Professorro

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