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Botanique, Brussels [Peter Doherty]

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Acoustic Show to Celebrate Radio Channel Pure Fm its 5th anniversary
Broadcasted on Pure FM March 30th 2014

There were no tickets for sale and only five duo tickets were given away in a competition for fans.
The rest of the crowd consisted of people working for this radio station (and their families and friends),
people in ‘the business’ and photographers. It’s no surprise then that hardly anyone (apart from a group of hardcore fans at the front) knew any of the songs, save for ‘Last of the English Roses.’ This, however, didn’t stop Peter from playing an absolute blinding set, combining a few of his new songs with loads of rare early Libertines ones. It was just him, with an acoustic guitar, a harmonica for the first songs, a Union Jack and an arrangement of beverages on stage. He looked very well and seemed in a good mood, not really phased by the crowd’s lack of sing-alongs and their absolute silence during songs. Instead, Peter piped up, jokingly saying: ‘I suppose you all work for Pure FM then?’, which received a few shouted ‘No!’s’ from the first rows. Peter signed some pictures, got given a letter, a book and a painting from some fans.


#210New Love Grows on Trees (Start with Blue Moon/Billy Holiday)04:39(Doherty)
#320Can't Stand Me Now (End with Blue Moon/Billy Holiday)04:19(Barat, Doherty, Hammerton)
#418Music When The Lights Go Out03:03(Doherty)
#54Love Rain O'er Me02:04
#69Ballad of Grimaldi04:09(Barat, Doherty)
#74Lady Don't Fall Backwards03:12(Doherty)
#910Never Never02:56(Barat, Doherty)
#11Happy Birthday (Pure Fm)00:43
#129Last of the English Roses03:54(Doherty)
#1319Time for Heroes03:23(Barat, Doherty)

Location Botanique, Brussels

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