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The Boogaloo, London [The Libertines]

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The Libertines' Guerilla Gig to announce they were going to reform for the Reading and Leeds shows of 2010.

The band were originally supposed to be holding a press conference at north London pub The Boogaloo to discuss why they decided to reform to play 2010's Reading And Leeds Festivals. However, after a 25-minute chat with the press, Peter, Carl and John all strapped on guitars and played their first songs as The Libertines since 2004.

After playing a short segment of the solo from 'Time For Heroes', Barat instructed the audience he was "going for a piss", and with that, the rest of his band mates decided to finish the gig.

The Press Conference is available to watch here.


#1Georgia On My Mind01:34
#229The Good Old Days03:13(Barat, Doherty)
#318Music When The Lights Go Out03:46(Doherty)
#5Interlude (Presenting Rabbi John Connor)00:22
#621Death on the Stairs03:45(Barat, Doherty)
#7Sally Brown (ft Rabbi John)02:41
#920Can't Stand Me Now03:53(Barat, Doherty, Hammerton)
#1019Time for Heroes00:58(Barat, Doherty)


Tomas Wednesday 26.Aug 17:18, 2015
The download file says 2010-03-10.

Location The Boogaloo, London

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