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Let It Reign [Carl Barat & The Jackals]

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Let It Reign is the title of Carl Barat & The Jackals' debut album, released in February 2015 - much of the album having been written by Barat before The Jackals formed. It was recorded in LA and London and produced by Joby J Ford of The Bronx.

The album was released to generally favourable reviews from the media.


#11Glory Days-(Barat)
#22Victory Gin-(Barat)
#31Summer In The Trenches-
#43Storm is Coming-
#51Beginning To See-
#62March Of The Idle-
#7We Want More-
#81War of Roses-(Barat)
#92The Gears-
#102Let it Rain-
#11The King Is Me (iTunes Bonus Track)-
#12Get a gun ((Japanese edition Bonus Track))-
#13Drive ((Japanese edition Bonus Track))-


rod Friday 23.Dec 19:01, 2016
Could you upload the japanase bonus tracks in mp3, please? Thanks!


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