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RKC4 [Adam Ficek / Roses Kings Castles]

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RKC4 is the forth album (following British Plastic in 2011, Suburban Time Bomb in 2010, and Roses Kings Castles in 2008) and fifth release (also following Apples & Engines EP in 2009) from Adam Ficek's RKC (previously known as "Roses Kings Castles").

The album was released on bandcamp.com on 1st November 2014, and may see an official physical release; "A label want RKC4. That's 5 records I've made. Another next year. I quite like it. But need a job to pay dem bills." Some of the tracks have now been recorded for Adam's debut solo EP, EP1.


#1Back Up03:29
#2Any Which Way04:10
#5French Paul03:54
#6Walk 03:12
#9To Do04:08

ProducerAdam Ficek