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Live @ Olympia [The Libertines]

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Live recording of the concert The Libertines did in Paris on the 9th of March [2016].
Watch photo gallery here http://www.cristinamassei.com/LIBERTINES/LIBERTINES-Olympia-Paris/


thedeepyrot Saturday 23.Apr 21:31, 2016
link says the download isn't available anymore :(

thedeepyrot Saturday 23.Apr 21:56, 2016
link says the download isn't available anymore :(

Joselo Wednesday 13.Jul 15:28, 2016
The download isn't available anymore :c

VegetableMan Monday 20.Nov 22:53, 2017
Aw no... i was expecting mp3, but this is pretty good. I think this version of "The Man Who Would Be King" is the definitive one.

palethinboy Monday 20.Apr 23:23, 2020
reupload please?

Location Music Hall, Paris

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