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HQ Sessions Second Wave [Babyshambles]

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The HQ sessions (2nd Wave) is the title of a session recorded by Babyshambles in February 2004, around the same time as their HQ Bethnal Green Demo Session.

Many of the tracks recorded in the session were demo tracks that were later re-recorded for Down in Albion; Babyshambles' debut album, released in 2005. Meanwhile, some of the tracks (such as Lust of the Libertines or All At Sea) were rare Libertines songs that were only recorded by Babyshambles once; as part of this session.

When Andrew Kendall uploaded the content of Doherty's "My Music" folder, along with some of Peter's Laptop Recordings, in April 2006, it contained a folder called "Unknown Album (07-04-2004 01-31-53)". Inside this folder were the HQ sessions (2nd Wave), including 5 tracks that had not been previously made available to fans.'

Some copies of HQ sessions 2nd wave contained "chopped up" versions of the songs. For example I Love You But You're Green would play for a few seconds, jump to a version of Black Boy Lane and then go back to I Love You But You're Green. Not all copies of the session are like this, and the version found in Doherty's "My Music" folder wasn't.


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