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XFM Session [Babyshambles]

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In December 2004, Babyshambles recorded two tracks for radio station XFM: Killamangiro, and The 32nd of December, which were played on XFM radio, ripped by fans, and became known as The XFM Sessions.

Shortly after this, Babyshambles also played the XFM Christmas show. In true Babyshambles style, Peter Doherty took the stage and explained that XFM would not allow his band to play because they had turned up too late, before breaking into a version of Music When the Lights Go Out. He then played an acoustic version of Time for Heroes, telling the crowd they would have to have a sit-down protest on stage if they wanted Babyshambles to play. Finally, Babyshambles joined Doherty on stage to play Killamangiro. This performance can be downloaded here.

In 2008, XFM released a "best of" album compilation of XFM live sessions titled "XFM: The Debut Sessions". Track 6 on Disc Two of the album featured the version of Killamangiro Babyshambles had previously recorded during the 2004 XFM radio session.


#32The 32nd of December-(Doherty)


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