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352 Days

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352 Days is a Babyshambles track, that was never officially released and with only four versions (including 2 live bootlegs) existing on the internet, all with Patrick Walden on guitar. Since Mik Whitnall took over guitar duties for Babyshambles, 352 Days has not been performed at live gigs by the band.

Two studio versions of the track exist for fans to download. The first was recorded by Babyshambles for their debut album, Down in Albion and was then uploaded onto MySapce by Adam Ficek. In 2007, Adam Ficek also uploaded a "Drunken Jam" version of 352 Days onto his MySpace page.

The NME included 352 Days in their "Alternative Best Of Pete Doherty", saying; "Something of a lost classic, this. They opened their storming Reading set with it and almost caused a riot, with Patrick Walden tossing his guitar half way across the tent. The song is marked from the outset with some terrific psychedelic sliding runs that recall the beauty of Hendrix’s Little Wing and act as a real showcase for Patrick Walden's talents – a definitive version now seems impossible to track down."

Doherty told the NME in December 2009 that 352 Days may be included on Babyshambles' third album.[1]. When Sequel To The Prequel was released in 2013, however, the track did not feature.

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Doghouse Sessions BabyshamblesSession2007


All I said was you look beautiful...
Same until .. (sorry can't work out lyrics)

How can you love someone?
If you never knew love?
How can you trust someone?
If you've just been mugged

Name352 Days
CreditsPeter Doherty

DownloadDrunken Jam version - Peter and Drew (acoustic)

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