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Fixing Up to Go

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Fixing Up to Go (also known as Ballad of Gascony Avenue) is an unreleased track by Babyshambles. Although the track is yet to have an official release, there are two versions of Fixing Up to Go available to fans; a recording of Doherty playing the track acoustically on "Transmission with T-Mobile", and a version with Babyshambles that was uploaded to Doherty's website, French Dog Blues, in 2006, as part of the bands Paris Rehearsals.

When a photograph of what appeared to be a tracklisting for Doherty's solo album leaked in January 2006 (after Peter's New Years eve guerrilla gig), "Ballad of Gascony Avenue" was written as Track #2.

Appearing on

Paris Rehearsals BabyshamblesSession2006


Heroes Bar Peter DohertyKentish Town, London2011-04-06
Dirty South BabyshamblesLondon, UK2006-08-16

NameFixing Up to Go

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