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The Man Who Came to Stay

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The Man Who Came to Stay (also known as Man Who Came to Stay or The Band Who Came to Play) is a Babyshambles track, that was released as a B Side to both the 7" version and the CD version of their 2nd single, Killamangiro. The track is often a favourite among fans, often being requested at gigs, although not many sessions versions have ever been recorded by the band.

The instrumental introduction is reminiscent of "Incubation" by Joy Division.

Appearing on

B-Sides BabyshamblesDemo2006
Killamangiro BabyshamblesSingle2004-11-29
Chicken Shack Sessions BabyshamblesSession2003-09


Docks, Hamburg BabyshamblesHamburg, Germany2014-01-29
Huxleys Neue Welt BabyshamblesBerlin, Germany2014-01-28
Live in St.Petersburg BabyshamblesClub A22013-11-10
Le Zenith, Paris BabyshamblesLe Zenith, Paris2013-10-03
Glasgow Barrowlands BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2013-09-04
Live At Waterford - Water Flaming Shambles BabyshamblesHeineken Green Spheres, Ten, Waterford2006-09-28
Rock En Seine BabyshamblesParis, France2005-06-27
333, London BabyshamblesLondon, UK2005-03-01
Live in Dublin BabyshamblesDublin, Ireland2004-12-12
The Scala 1st Night BabyshamblesPentonville Rd, London2004-10-06
Glasgow, Garage BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2004-10-03
Up The Shambles (DVD) BabyshamblesThe Ritz Manchester, UK2004-09-23
Live in Leeds BabyshamblesLeeds, UK2004-09-22
Preston Mill BabyshamblesPreston, UK2004-07-06


There's a man who came to stay
The boy he replaced, disappeared without a trace...
Stole all my songs and my style away
No-one would say what they wanted to say
So he was king for a day..
If you sail into the sun
Beware the eyes of green
And if the whole room tells you 'you are the one'
I defy you not to believe them, my son...

There's a man who came to stay...
Never showing on time
Out of his mind, diddly doo doo dine
Every single gig I play
Something's not right inside
Paranoia and pride, nowhere to hide...

If you sail into the sun, la la la la lala
Beware the eyes of green
And if the whole world tells you 'you are the one'
You must be hearing those voices again my son

If you sail into the sun
Please beware the eyes of green
And if it's all too much for you my son

NameThe Man Who Came to Stay
CreditsPeter Doherty
Patrick Walden

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