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Hooligans on E

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Hooligans On E is the title of a track that has been recorded by The Libertines, Babyshambles, and Kill City. The song was first penned by Pete Welsh and Peter Doherty in Cardiff's Marriott Hotel room while both their bands (Kill City & The Libertines) were touring together. Lisa Moorish was also present.

Welsh had been to watch his favourite football team, Swansea, and noticed how the crowd's love of lager had been replaced by Ecstasy after alcohol was banned on the ground. After telling Doherty of this strange experience, Doherty began belting out an E chord on his acoustic guitar and singing "Hooligans on E / Meat pies and Burberry." A few weeks later, Welsh was surprised to hear a full version of the song as he had initially considered it "throw away." In Kids in the Riot, Welsh cites the song as a testament to Doherty's compositional skills.

While Doherty was in jail in 2003, Pete Welsh and Mick from Kill City recorded their version of the song. Doherty was complimentary but insistent that his was the definitive version. The song was later recorded by The Libertines for their second album. Although Alan McGee liked it so much that he wanted to release it as a single, it was scrapped and only saw the light of day as a Babyshambles and Kill City song. The song is well received by fans at Babyshambles' and Kill City gigs.

The song was referenced by Manchester band The Courteeners in their debut single "Cavorting," in the lyric, "We're hooligans on E and we're too wired to bother with any of you."


The Garage, Uplands, Swansea Peter Doherty2013-06-18
Liquid Rooms Peter DohertyEdinburgh, Scotland2011-09-21
Heroes Bar Peter DohertyKentish Town, London2011-04-06


Hooligans on E
Meat pies and burberry
And aquascutum
If you're lucky

Hooligans on E
Discussing symmetry
Said I'd like you, can I join your gang?
Going home in a London ambulance
Going home in a cosmic ambience

Hooligans on E
His soul, his soul walks on water
Hooligans on E
Dancing all day
I like you, can I join your gang?

No, we don't carry coal
And no, we don't carry lead
We only carry hatchets
To bury in your head

No, we don't carry coal
And no, we don't carry lead
We only carry melodies
To bury in your heart and in your head