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Puffin on a Coffin Nail

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Puffin' On a Coffin Nail is a Dirty Pretty Things track that was only released in demo form; the demo being released as a B-side to Dirty Pretty Things second single, Deadwood.

In October 2006, a DVD named after this track was released by the band, showing live footage from Kentish Town Forum, London.

Appearing on

Deadwood (Demo) Dirty Pretty ThingsSingle2006-07-10


There's a heart in a girl on a ship on a sea
And I know that girl is thinking of me
There's a heart in a girl and I know that it beats like a drum
But every time that I think of the girl my heart
gets heavy and I'm stuck in a whirlwind
I turn to my shadow and my heart starts to beat like a drum
Said oh you might upon a steeple set
Broken crumbling battlements
Puffin on a coffin nail
With a wry little smile that she keeps up her shell
And she hides that forest from the house that hide from the sun
Puffin on a coffin nail
With a friend of a friend and an arse like a whale
Well there's a girl with a friend who was stuck in a disco rut
Oh give me the strength just to give fate a try
Though my hands get sweaty and my mouth goes dry
Just to think every time that my plans go awry, you see
Just give fate a passage but she was just a bore
And the letters are crazy and a bit cocksure
And you can't find your mind and my heart on a coffin and agree

Come with outcry and panting breast
And break upon the slippery wreck
Puffin on a coffin nail
With a friend of a friend with an arse like a whale
But this girl is a friend of a friend you see
Stuck in a disco rut
Puffin on a coffin nail
Yes she gives you a chance and you give me the mail
And she works for the mail but she's out on bail
Well you scream
So I'm sad to say that my heart shattered this way
I knew she'd be no better
Yes I knew if I'd have met her
That I'd soon enough forget her
Now face your hero's just pretend
And I've had a word with him
(random talk)
Puffin on a coffin nail
Yes she's talking like Elvis cos she's just done a rail
But her lover's on bail with a dealer like a snail on speed
Puffin on a coffin nail
Yes I gave her a something just to tell me a tale
And she told me a tale but she told me a tale
About you
So this is the end of the road
And this is the path that you chose
Well it's no skin off my nose
A lover with a brick has had the rose
End of the road

NamePuffin on a Coffin Nail
BandDirty Pretty Things