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East of Eden

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East of Eden is a Babyshambles track, that was released as a B Side to the Maxi CD version of their single, Fuck Forever. The song was also released on the B Sides album, exclusive to America. Although it has been released as a Babyshambles track, it is usually played by Doherty acoustically, both live and in sessions.

Before the track was released as a B Side in 2005, it was recorded a few times by Doherty acoustically, and these versions are usually preferred by fans, compared to the Fuck Forever version.


Le Cabaret Vert Peter DohertyCharleville-Mézières, France 2011-08-27
La Maroquinerie Peter DohertyParis, France2008-11-28
Royal Albert Hall Live Peter DohertyLondon, UK2008-07-12
The Mass (With Piano) Peter DohertyBrixton, London2008-06-17
Rhythm Factory Peter DohertyLondon (Whitechapel), UK2008-02-26
Glastonbury Peter DohertyPark Stage2007-06-23
An Evening With Pete Doherty Pt.1 Peter DohertyHackney Empire, London2007-04-12
Rhythm Factory Peter DohertyLondon (Whitechapel), UK2004-07-13


I've been wandering East of Eden
Been lost, cold, lonesome as a sparrow in the rain
I found myself tumbling to a sinking feeling
When someone said I done gone wrong
Couldn't feel no shame
I'll be leaving town on the very next train
You can wait for me little girl
But I won't be coming this way again
And it ain't nobody's business if I do

There's a slow train rumbling east of a place called Eden
Ah, the wind blowing in proud as the trees upon the plain
And a stranger's voice talked to me of liberty and freedom
Yeah, it seems like he done gone wrong again
And he wears the hat like shame

Well he tasted the fruit of another
And when his Margie, when she discovered
Said she's gonna love him ten times more
Ain't nobody's business if she do

He said "some men born rich, some men born poor
But they're rich in other ways"
Into my heart his wisdom poured

It's no good crumblin, I'm making tracks to live
When I laid my love down in the light
You should've seen all the things my shadow did

The filth and the fury, the fear and the pain
It's all disappearing now
Faster than the smoke from this old train
And it ain't nobody's business if it do

NameEast of Eden
CreditsPeter Doherty

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