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Midnight Flight

Band songlist


Midnight Flight is the title of a track by Yeti, the band fronted by former Libertines Bass player John Hassall. The track was recorded as a 4-track sessions known to fans as the "Cave Demos" and given away free via the official Yeti website.

The track has also had three official releases. The first was in March 2005, when it was released as a B-Side version to "Never Lose your Sense of Wonder" (Note although it appeared on the digital download version and CD version, it was not available on the 7", which was only two tracks rather than three). It was also released later on, on the Japanese LP "Yume!" in 2007. It was included on the album "The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales", released in 2008.

Appearing on

The Legend Of Yeti Gonzales YetiAlbum2008-06-09
Yume! YetiAlbum2007-08-29
Cave Demos YetiDemo2005


There's too many voices living in my head
When I go to sleep at night they stay awake instead
They make me take a walk in the middle of the night
And I slice people, dice people on my midnight flight

I don't want to do it
But they make me do it
Please don't put me through it
My midnight flight

I wake up in the morning, and I think it's just a dream
But then I see the bodies on my tiny TV screen
I put my plastic clothing in my washing machine
And it cleanses my senses of the horrors that they've seen

Something isn't normal
But I can't describe normal
Please don't make me normal
Make me obscene

I don't grow, but the death toll does
I wonder why we do it, but the answer's just 'because'
Last night I ate the heart of a girl of age just two
And when her mother found her, you should've heard her coo

Oh my little baby
Killed by someone crazy
Let's hope it's just a phase
He's going through

Cause I'm not understanding
I can't forsee the ending
There's no use pretending
The sky is blue

La la la, la la la do do do
Do do do oh oh oh, oh oh oh

NameMidnight Flight