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Raise the Kaboose

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Raise the Kaboose is the title of an as-of-yet unreleased Babyshambles track. At least one studio version exists; when recording The Blinding EP (in the Turnmills Session), Babyshambles recorded a version of Raise the Kaboose. However, this version did not end up included on the EP, and hasn't been leaked onto the internet since.

When speaking to the NME about Babyshambles' third album, Drew McConnell listed a number of tracks that could be included, and said that Raise the Kaboose was one possibility. The only two versions that fans have heard to date include a live bootleg of Babyshambles playing the song in Copenhagen. The only other version available to fans is the recording of Doherty playing the track for the BBC arena documentary.


Ain't it just my luck
It's said that to write in red is all bad luck upon the writer's head...
And oh no. Fuck every night I've been writing in blood red blood
and now the nick? is all in sight again: could it be with the lighter dim...
scarlet, vermillion, rouge or cherry ripe
The pied? piper of tower hamlets licks the pipe & well he might...
Soon all pressing matters have no concern
unto Arcady with a tickle town
first class open return
Raise the roof & raise &? blaze the kaboose, belt out a tune
my bloody words will lead me to doom
as writing in red brings misfortune

NameRaise the Kaboose
CreditsPeter Doherty