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Glee Maloyer

Band songlist


Glee Maloyer (also known as "Glee Malorey" "Glee Maloyah") is the title of a rare Libertines song. The track has never been heard by fans, and only one known recording of it exists; a version recorded during the band's River Audio rehearsals.

On page 19 of one of the Books of Albion, "All at Sea," a version of the lyrics of "Glee Maloyah" are written in Peter Doherty's hand.

Appearing on

River Audio rehearsals The LibertinesSessionUnknown


A luvvy slurs drunk by the Old Jo -
a.... in a theatre bar
"Coventry's workingmen's clubs are too di..ey for me"
and "I heard about your clockwork revolution"
Storm the palace and reclaim the streets
"But I gotta be back to sign on by 3"
(1, 2, 3...)

She's young, she's gone, she's got heart ticking like a bomb
Well the boys all know her
But I won't stop her cuz I know she's the one
And it's early doors yet
Early doors yet
She'll get yours yet
I only mind about the mock gas lamp light
Reflected in her eyes she brings me glee...
Glee maloyah

Time after time, she chews my money up
And [something] my wine...

NameGlee Maloyer
BandThe Libertines