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Wolfman is the title of a track written by Peter Doherty for songwriter Peter Wolfe, also known as Wolfman. It was recorded by Wolfman himself as a B Side track to his 3rd single, Ice Cream Guerilla in 2005, and by Babyshambles as a B Side to their single, Albion, though only featuring on the 7" version and the Japanese version of the Maxi CD.

Babyshambles also recorded this track with the intention of including it on their debut album, Down in Albion; however, it was never included. One of the band's takes of "Wolfman" from their first album session was included on their Royalty Songs demotape.

Previous to being released as a B Side to Albion, the track was also recorded a couple of times for various sessions. Peter Wolfe would regularly join Babyshambles on stage, and Peter Doherty would join the Side Effects (Peter Wolfe's band) for a live version of this song.

Perhaps curiously, the song is legally credited to Peter Doherty and Carl Barat.

Appearing on

PW Chant WolfmanDemo2015-05-30
Albion BabyshamblesSingle2006-03-14
Ice Cream Guerilla (feat. Pete Doherty) WolfmanSingle2005-05-23
Royalty Songs BabyshamblesDemo2005
HQ Sessions Second Wave BabyshamblesSession2004-02


La Maroquinerie Peter DohertyParis, France2008-11-28
Reading Festival (1) BabyshamblesReading Festival, Radio1 NME stage2005-08-27
333, London BabyshamblesLondon, UK2005-03-01
Live in Dublin BabyshamblesDublin, Ireland2004-12-12
The Scala 1st Night BabyshamblesPentonville Rd, London2004-10-06
Glasgow, Garage ((If I Fail > Wolfman)) BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2004-10-03
Norwich, 2004 (1) BabyshamblesNorwich2004-09-26
Up The Shambles (DVD) BabyshamblesThe Ritz Manchester, UK2004-09-23
Live in Leeds BabyshamblesLeeds, UK2004-09-22
Preston Mill (feat. Wolfman) BabyshamblesPreston, UK2004-07-06
Rhythm Factory (Edit) BabyshamblesLondon (Whitechapel), UK2004-05-04
Rhythm Factory BabyshamblesLondon (Whitechapel), UK2004-05-04


Listen hard and close
Why are you morose
Did you take an overdose
To the winner's post
Can you make the chase?
Internet database
Webpage, you're outta your face
I'm in and out of space
It's giving me the hump, man
It's coming like a swamp, man
I jump when you say jump, man

The spitz's on you
So what you gonna do
You got a junkie for a mother
Your dad drank special brew
From the estate
You got enough on your plate
There was a gang in the shadow
I made the getaway

It's giving me the hump, man
It's coming like a swamp, man
I jump when you say jump, man


Get into the vibe
Slam in a megadrive
Arcade, the fire denied
I pulled my flick knifes
Sent into kingdom come
Alley-cat got your tounge
Schizoid it's fame on the run
Wanted by the sun

It's giving me the hump, man
It's coming like a swamp, man
I jump when you say jump, man

CreditsCarl Barat
Peter Doherty

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