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You Hurt the Ones You Love

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Tabloids reported in late 2007 that Peter Doherty was working on a duet with Amy Winehouse called You Hurt the Ones You Love. Doherty is quoted as saying; "Who would I most like to collaborate with? Amy Winehouse. We were working on something last night, actually. It's called 'You Hurt The Ones You Love.'"

Although it is unknown at this time whether any recordings of the song exist, Winehouse did record a version of Doherty’s track, 1939 Returning, that was intended to be included on Doherty’s debut solo album, Grace/Wastelands. It wasn’t, however, included on the final cut. In an interview with Shortlist, in March 2009, Doherty said; “We did this really mad version of the song 1939 Returning with her but it just didn’t happen on the final album in the end. She’s a brilliant guitarist, Amy. She knows all these really obscure jazz chords. She’s got these really amazing bendy fingers that let her play these strange chords I can’t manage. She’s like ambidextrous but with fingers.

NameYou Hurt the Ones You Love
BandPeter Doherty