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Torn is the title of a Peter Doherty track that features as a B Side to the 7" version of Babyshambles' single, Delivery . Apart from this recording, no sessions versions or demo versions of the song exist. Babyshambles have, however played the track live a few times.

About the lyrics below; that the ship is lost between ports was verified by Drew McConnell in one of his online updates during the recording of Babyshambles' second album (May 2007).

Appearing on

Delivery BabyshamblesSingle2007-09-17


I'm torn, torn, torn, torn
torn between thoughts
I'm like a ghost ship
I'm lost between ports
I'm mostly
still mostly yours

And they're not shy (?)
songs abound
and this fantasy
brings you down so
this advice (?) you told me
falls down the beautiful stone

I'm torn, torn
I'm torn between songs
some ones stick
and some won't
they're innocent tunes
so leave them a thought for

And they're not shy (?)
those songs about you (truth?)
the times fly
... abound, oh (?)
I'm not shy (?)
and so

But if it's true that you reap what you sow
I've got it coming, I'm told
oh rake up the coals ... with the fools
but the ... up their shins
and they're touching their toes
what judgment bared
from anyone there?
they say, there's a song (?)
that it says each

torn, torn, torn, torn
I'm torn between thoughts
like a ghost ship
I'm lost between ports
you can't see
how I'm still yours

torn, torn
I'm torn between thoughts
like a ghost train
lost between ports
and I'm mostly
I'm still yours


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