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No One Can Hold A Light To Your Misery

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No One Can Hold A Light To Your Misery (called in an NME article Shine A Light On Your Misery) was reported by the NME in 2012 as one of the tracks scheduled to appear on Peter Doherty's second solo album[1]. The song was first heard by fans when Peter uploaded a video on his YouTube channel.

Though it was never officially released as a Doherty solo number, lyrics from the song were borrowed for The Libertines' Heart of the Matter.


No one can hold a light to your misery
You're the number one
At being hard done
By, you'll get by
With your smile
Your wicked smile

Laughing at the misfortune of others
You get your kicks
Kicking the pricks
Laughing as they trip and pick up sticks

Whistle as the ladies waltz on by
Trip up as they glide
They think they're so sophisticated then they
Catch dress on the nail

Rolling on in the here ever after
This is your solemn grinding misery

One million pipes down the line
and one hit later..

NameNo One Can Hold A Light To Your Misery
BandPeter Doherty

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