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She is Far

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She is far is the title of an old Libertines song, that was written prior to the band being signed to Rough Trade. Peter Doherty has stated that it was one of the first songs he ever wrote. It finally saw an official release in December 2016 on Doherty's second solo album, Hamburg Demonstrations.

For a long time, there were only two versions of the song available to fans; one recorded at a "secret flat gig" and one from a gig at Jazz After Dark, where Doherty played many other old, unreleased tracks to fans in 2006. At the beginning of the gig, Doherty states he always thought these songs were "too lame to play". As Peter has, more recently, been playing the song regularly at gigs, more versions have become readily available online.

In a 2014 NME interview, Barat stated that he and Peter had discussed the track, in relation to The Libertines reunion gigs of 2014. In a separate NME interview, Doherty stated that the track was 1 of 10 recorded for his second solo album, which was originally rumoured to be named 'Flags of the Old Regime'.

Appearing on

Hamburg Demonstrations Peter DohertyAlbum2016-12-02
Jazz After Dark Peter DohertySession2006


La Maroquinerie Peter DohertyParis, France2013-02-04


Blues and greys and greens across the river
We went into winter London parks, my darling
Monuments to blood spilt in foreign lands
In signs/ensigns and toil/tall across our faces
Photographs in paper bags
And she is far
Ah you know she's getting further every day

Well, youth is no excuse but I'll excuse you still
For every single dirty magazine, my darling
Monuments on Margate Sands with summer...
And all across our faces
And every favourite river underneath the city aw
It floods with tears
And there's a new garden where the living breathe

NameShe is Far
BandThe Libertines
CreditsPeter Doherty

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