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Let it Rain

Band songlist


Let it Rain was released as track #10 on Carl Barat & The Jackals' debut album, Let It Reign, released on Cooking Vinyl in the UK/Europe and Grand Jury in the U.S.

It was first heard as part of the bands' XFM session in 2014.

Appearing on

Let It Reign Carl Barat & The JackalsAlbum2015-02-16
Xfm session Carl Barat & The JackalsSession2014-11-12


St.Petersburg @Kosmonavt (1) Carl Barat & The Jackals2015-12-04
100 Club Carl Barat & The JackalsWesminster, London2014-11-21


No I don't have the strength to accept what I can't change
There's your bones and mine, and there's sorrow and there's pain
I can't change who I am, Change my ways
And I'm drained
Tears choose a path and the drops spell out your name
I declare to you now I am done

So let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Oh let it rain

At the start we believed in love and light and then it came
You were cruel to be kind, but crueller still for taking it away
Do I carry on in vain, just smile through just like I do, Just the same
Why'd you make me lord so that I can feel this pain
I have no say in this, you call the shots

So let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Oh let it rain

So let it rain
Let it rain
Yeah let it rain
Ah let it rain
Let it rain

NameLet it Rain
BandCarl Barat & The Jackals

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