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On the Path of Dalliance Tread Lightly

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In an interview with The NME, before Peter Doherty and Carl Barat were reconciled after Doherty's release from prison, Barat revealed new song titles that were a "Work in Progress"; one of which was "On the Path of Dalliance Tread Lightly".

In a second NME interview immediately following Doherty's release, Barat quoted several lines from the song in response to a question about his feelings at that moment: "On the path of dalliance tread lightly / His new friends are quite unsightly / And that's the way it's got to be."

The phrase "the path of dalliance" refers to lines spoken by the character of Ophelia in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

This song has never been officially recorded, and no recordings exist on the internet.

NameOn the Path of Dalliance Tread Lightly
BandThe Libertines

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