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Belly of the Beast

Band songlist


Belly of the Beast is the title of a Libertines track, released on their third album in September 2015. A demo version of the track is also featured on the deluxe boxset.

The title of the track was revealed by Carl Barat in an interview with Zane Lowe, when he told the presenter that The Libertines were working on new music, including tracks "Belly of the Beast" and "The Milkman's Horse".

The song was not heard by fans, prior to its official release.

First NME review of the song:
"As far as I can tell, here are the only synths on the album - despite some reports previously talking up their addition as if the band had taken a leaf out of Tame Impala’s book. There’s also a motorbike, revving (‘played’ by Carl apparently). Both are subtle additions to the palette though, so don’t throw your red tunic away in disgust just yet. A natural cousin to ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ – they really should start mashing the two songs up live – the bare bones of ‘Belly Of The Beast’ are as close as The Libs on 'Anthems...' get to anything on the first two albums. The clever, rolling lyrics recall Morrissey at his Smithsiest and reference old Pete internet demos (2004’s Acousticalullaby gets a shoutout). Both Pete and Carl almost rap their delivery. At one point it even sounds like ‘Christmas Wrapping’ by The Waitresses (a good thing), weirdly. A 50/50 Carl’n’Pete split, the former sounds angrier than ever on his bits. The best lyric comes from him too: “Back in London’s grey Scotch mist, Staring up at my therapist, He says pound for pound, blow for blow / You’re the most messed up mother-fucker I know”.

Appearing on

Anthems for Doomed Youth (Bonus Demo Track) The LibertinesAlbum2015-09-11
Anthems for Doomed Youth The LibertinesAlbum2015-09-11


It was lost in a sound like this
Oft times his mind told himself was bliss
Acousticalullaby with all hell going on inside
It was a trench-coat top hat shotgun dog down day

It was a sound a bit like this
Trashy & blue with a blaggard's hiss
Talking about gits love today
In a strung up hang dog head fuck quick buck way

Packed up and I headed East
Headed for the Belly of the Beast
But within a Bangkok's half hour
I was way laid by a lower power
It was a smacked up cracked up bone shot smacked down day

Don't know if I can go own
Making no sense in songs
Don't know if this is forever
It sometimes feels like forever
Forever and a dog down day

It was found in a state like this
By town and hammered up and a bloodied fist
His heart was broke but he got the jist
Get he can't carry on like this
It was a blackjack, paddywhack, stick a brother in the back day

Back in London’s grey-scotch mist
Staring up at my therapist
He says pound for pound, blow for blow
You’re the most messed-up motherfucker I know
It was a 12 step bus fare knock down daycare day

Makes no odds that you're there
Makes no odds that you care
Makes no odds anymore

Forever and a dog down day

Is this failing?
Supposed to be plain sailing
Don't fade away
Don't fade away
Glory Hallelujah day!

(He was lost I was found

NameBelly of the Beast
BandThe Libertines
CreditsCarl Barat
Peter Doherty

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