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Fury of Chonburi

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Fury of Chonburi is the title of a Libertines track, released on their third album in September 2015.

The song is a nod to the Thai province where The Libertines lived and recorded the album: “We wanted to reference the name of the place where we were and where the songs were written,” says Carl Barât. “I only noticed Blur had done something similar when I got back.” Bassist John Hassall adds: “It’s quite a rocking number.In fact it’s probably the most upbeat number on the record.”

Doherty explained the song's meaning to Q magazine: "It's about trying to channel that f--king darkness that we have," he said. "Amid the optimism and bonhomie and love we've got in the band at the moment."

The song was not heard by fans, prior to it's official release.

First NME review of the song:
"One of the punkiest things on the record, and rightly so - Chonburi is home to Pattaya, Thailand’s most notorious vice den. It’s also home to thousands of lady boys, and where The Libs stumbled around in the video for ‘Gunga Din’. And it’s where Pete and Carl would nip off to every now and then while making the album. This track sees the two frontmen trading lines like it’s 2004 and referring to each other as Pig Man (both of them are called that – it’s been their joint pet name for years). It’s more obviously personal than much of the album’s other lyrics too, many which are written in the duo’s own vernacular. From Carl here, we get lines like, “And I do wish him well / I got him under my spell / I think he’ll do just fine / If he can toe the line”, while Pete sings of someone “lowering the tone and bringing out the bone”. Like all The Libertines’ best lyrics, from ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’ to ‘What A Waster’, when you really analyse it you’re never quite sure who the subject of the lyrics really is (Is it Pete? Or Carl? Or neither?) - despite how obvious it may be on first impression.

They split the two choruses too, which reference Naga (a mythical serpent-like creature in Thai folklore), the Sukhumvit (a Bangkok district popular with tourists) and – much closer to home – the Crown Prosecution Service”.

Appearing on

Anthems for Doomed Youth The LibertinesAlbum2015-09-11


Fury of Chonburi!
Fury of Chonburi!
Fury of Chonburi!

Well, everytime I see the Pigman
Taking sides to split
RIding jokes like Trojan horses
Or the apocalypse
And I do wish him well
I got him under my spell
I think he'll do just fine
If he can toe the line

Fury, fury carry me merrily to hell
I'm Naga in his sanctity
I'll rise from where I fell

Fury of Chonburi!
Fury of Chonburi!
Fury of Chonburi!

Yeah well, I felt I saw the Pigman
In a photofit
On a wanted poster
On the Sukhumvit
Oh no I don't know what he did man
But I stand by my brother
Or yeah we gonna make it big man
One way or the other

Fury, fury carry me too merrily to hell
Jiggers defying gravity the CPS as well
You see he's lowering the tone
And bringing out the bone


Fury, fury carry me merrily to hell
Like a much [?] deity
Or beloved I can't tell

Fury, fury carry me merrily to hell
I'll exorcise my soul for me
It doesn't serve me well

The time is not on my side
Time is nowhere left to hide

Fury of Chonburi!

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NameFury of Chonburi
BandThe Libertines
CreditsCarl Barat
Peter Doherty

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