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Penguins is a track from Babyshambles' third album, Sequel to the Prequel. Unlike a lot of the albums content, the track was relatively new to fans, not having been demo'd or played at gigs very frequently prior to release.

Drowned in Sound spoke of the track; ‘Penguins’ exists to distract from Sequel To The Prequel’s more troublesome failings. Meanwhile the NME says; But things take a turn for the banal on ‘Penguins’, which is literally a song about going to the zoo. “We could see monkeys/We could see snakes/We could see penguins/Ah, penguins are great”. The tune then saves itself by stumbling across the amusingly oafish chorus: “I really don’t like your boyfriend’s face/I’m going to try and take his place”. And for a man who’s spent more than a decade filling his lungs with toxic smoke, Pete’s in remarkably good voice.

Appearing on

Sequel to the Prequel BabyshamblesAlbum2013-09-03


Rock Werchter Babyshambles2014-07-06
Best Kept Secret Festival BabyshamblesBeekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek NL2014-06-21
Rock Am Ring BabyshamblesNürburg2014-06-08
Roundhouse, Camden BabyshamblesCamden Roundhouse, London2014-03-10
Le Krakatoa, Merignac, Bordeaux BabyshamblesLe Krakatoa, Bordeaux2014-02-14
Docks, Hamburg BabyshamblesHamburg, Germany2014-01-29
Huxleys Neue Welt BabyshamblesBerlin, Germany2014-01-28
Glasgow Barrowlands BabyshamblesGlasgow, Scotland2013-09-04


I wanted to thank you, so that's what I'll do
Thank you, for just being you, for being born,
For being born, for being you

Saturday night turned into, to Sunday morning
Just like it's supposed to
Everybody's gone, it's just me and you
Do what you like, go to the zoo

We could see monkeys, we could see snakes
We could see penguins, penguins are great

Step outside while he's raising some hell
He can play a guitar just like he's ringing a bell
Go go

I really don't like your boyfriend's face
And I am going to try and take his place
I really don't like your boyfriend's face
And I am going to try and take his place

Nobody's asking who you think that you are
Cause when the heebies met the jeebies
It was hurrah
It was hurrah

I wanted to thank you, thank you for the cue
For the cue
Thank you for the cue to sigh and silently go


During Sequel To The Prequel Tour fans gave little toy penguins to the band.

CreditsPeter Doherty
Drew McConnell

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