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Dirty Fame

Band songlist


Dirty Fame was recorded in Turnmills recording studio acoustically by Peter Doherty, and given away as a free download on the Big Issue website in mid-2006. It is described by the NME as "a naked recording even by Pete’s stripped-down standards." A plugged-in electric is hesitantly strummed as a harmonica wanders by, before a final coda featuring Peter singing in Italian (?). Never played live, with its title referencing the lyrics of ‘There She Goes (A Little Heartache)’ from the forthcoming album, its origins are clear.

Appearing on

The Big Issue BabyshamblesSession2006


She loved me for love and she loved me for love
She loved me for love, eh love
Now she's gone
Loved me for love
Loved me for love
She loved me for love alone
And she's all gone

Said no, she loved me not for wealth
For money had I none
She loved me not for music
I could not play a single song and

She loved me not for beauty
You know, I have a crooked smile
She loved me not for strength
I laid right down and sighed

NameDirty Fame
BandPeter Doherty
CreditsPeter Doherty