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Begging is track #10 on The Libertines' debut album Up the Bracket, and is credited to Doherty and Barat. Carl Barat has described the track as their most 'stonerish' song. By way of explanation, Carl said in 2002, around the release of their album, Up the Bracket; "There's something about the kids 'round where we live (east London) - they're real guttersnipes. They're normally a good laugh but they're so confrontational. They used to call us hippies and say, 'You're beggin'!' That was a cuss they had."

As well as The Libertines' version, a very early Babyshambles line-up recorded a version of Begging for their Chicken Shack sessions in 2003, shortly after Doherty was dismissed from The Libertines for his heroin


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All animals we are
Round the bench, in the park
Your sister's in the dark today
Watery pinned eyes my soul has gone a little cold

Well maybe maybe next year if it isn't too dear
We'll get ourselves some good time girls
Remember when you pay,
you'll pay in many, many ways

Now he's crossing the road
Picking up his Daily Sport

Oh now they're begging you
They're begging you
What can you do?
Oh my, they're begging you
Your friend begging you.
What can you do?

And have you seen the singer.
She said he's a dead ringer
for this fella that I used to know.
'Hell' they cried 'oh no, no no, what a funny way to go.'

Now he's crossing the road
Off to get his Daily Sport

Oh now they're begging you.
They're begging you. What can you do?

Oh lord they're begging you.
Your friend's begging you. What will you do?

BandThe Libertines
CreditsCarl Barat
Peter Doherty

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