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France is the title of an early Libertines track that is credited to Barat, and thought to be written about a former French girlfriend of his. The song was included on The Libertines' second album, The Libertines as a hidden track. Before this, the song existed in demo form, and was recorded in the band's Odessa Studio Recordings, and Babyshambles sessions.

Lula Camus, a music photographer whose vocals appear on the Libertines song Smashing, claimed on Youtube (in a comment that has since been deleted) that the song is about her. However, in a November 2002 forum post, Peter Doherty wrote; "[Carl and I have] always had a thing about this place [Paris] ever since we first met and he played me one of his earliest known compositions which I added a verse to. It was called 'France' and was about a Gallic sort he had met called Solèn. He broke her heart as was usual. I remember he lived above a furniture shop in Mortlake with a different Peter and he['d] sit by the fire watching David Niven films staring at the abundance of lovelorn letters she sent him wondering how he could never write back: scrawling heartbloody replies and casting them into the flames."


St.Petersburg @Kosmonavt (1) Carl Barat & The Jackals2015-12-04
Rock en Seine 2015 The Libertines Domaine national de Saint-Cloud, Saint-Cloud2015-08-29
100 Club (Acoustic) Carl Barat & The JackalsWesminster, London2014-11-21
BST, Hyde Park, London (With another Interruption) The LibertinesHyde Park, London2014-07-05
La Maroquinerie Peter DohertyParis, France2013-02-04
Uebel & Gefährlich Carl BaratHamburg2010-11-01
Rescue Rooms (1) Carl BaratNottingham2010-10-18
Levi's Regent Street Carl BaratOxford London2010-08-26
Cité de la Musique Peter DohertyParis, France2010-07-07
The Boogaloo, London The LibertinesThe Boogaloo, London2010-03-31
Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline Carl BaratCarnegie Hall, Dunfermline2009-06-09
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The Ideal girl in London from France
Came over then left me
She left me entranced
Now I have to get by once again on my own
Nothing but memories

So I remember your eyes that unique shade of brown
While these blue eyes of mine they stay closed
I kissed you goodbye
On the M109 I choked as I watched the bus go

Choking and smoking to your angelic soul
choking and smoking myself into a hole
Where the only way out is to sleep and to dream
And to cry out your name.

BandThe Libertines
CreditsCarl Barat

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