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Delvin the Wizard / Person (The Libertines)

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Delvin the Wizard was a hippie who oversaw the Stoke Newington squat (a disused factory) in which Peter Doherty and Carl Barat once lived in the early days of The Libertines. According to Carl, "We used to live in Delvin the Wizard's factory on the Albion Road. They used to have lots of parties there with bonfires, and one corner was set up like a living room. Very strange."

In an 2008 interview with VoxPop magazine, Carl added, "Nous avons vécu dans un squat, là-bas, avec Pete. Il s'y sentait bien. Épanoui. Moi je souffrais en silence. J'avais imaginé que nous allions réinventer un modèle de petite société d'amis démocratique, basée sur le partage. Finalement, c'est dans les squats que l'homme est un putain de loup pour l'homme. Ma vie dans les squats m'a appris cette chose: le partage et l'utopie sont des valeurs de riches. Dès que j'en ai eu l'occasion, j'ai insisté auprès de Pete pour que nous quittions cet endroit!" ("We used to live in a squat with Pete over there. He loved it. He was in his element. I was just suffering in silence. I was thinking we would reinvent a friendly little democratic world, all sharing things out. In the end I found out that in the squats it’s only fucking dog eat dog. Life in squats has taught me this: generosity and the land of plenty are only for the rich. As soon as I could I told Pete, 'Let’s get out of here!'”)