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Kids in the Riot / Book (The Libertines)

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Kids in the Riot: High and Low With the Libertines is a biography of The Libertines by Pete Welsh, a close friend of Peter Doherty and of the band. The new edition was published by Omnibus Press on 15 April 2005 and contains 216 pages, including a foreword by Alan McGee dated October 2004.

Kids in the Riot tells the story of The Libertines from Peter Doherty and Carl Barat 's first meeting at Brunel in Richmond to the band's dissolution and Babyshambles' rise in early 2005. The tale is told in the words of major participants, including Peter Doherty, Carl Barat, Scarborough Steve, James Mullord, James Endeacott, Geoff Travis, Tony Linkin, Roger Sargent, Lisa Moorish, Alan McGee, and Pete Welsh himself.

Pete Welsh has been friends with members of The Libertines since 1998. He played bass for Kill City, who supported The Libertines on tour many times. This is his first book.