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The Albion Rooms / Place (The Libertines)

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The Albion Rooms (112a Teesdale Street, Bethnal Green) were the grandly named, though in fact run-down, Victorian terraced house where Peter Doherty and Carl Barat rented a flat after being signed by ROUGH TRADE in December 2001. The Albion Rooms became the venue for many of The Libertines' guerrilla gigs.

In Kids in the Riot, Pete Welsh wrote, "The Albion Rooms was a shrine to Pete and Carl's idiosyncrasies: an ostentatious spiral staircase, permanently pulled heavy curtains and a huge fish-eye mirror lent the gaff a Sixties cinematic feel. Pete's bed was like an assault course, three or four mattresses with unruly springs piled on top of each other, most of his wardrobe spread across it and an ornate brass headrail. There were parties most nights... On the downside the place stank to high heaven and was so messy the mice had moved out in protest." (p.54)

In a March 2003 interview, Doherty noted that in some ways the tour bus was better than home: "At least we've got hot and cold running water here. We haven't got that at home. I have to flush my toilet with Evian. Only the best for the Albion rooms."

Barat moved out of the Albion Rooms to live with his sister Lucie in spring 2003. The Libertines played an infamous flat gig as a "farewell to the Albion Rooms" on 21 March 2003.

How to get to see the Albion Rooms? Take the tube to Bethnal Green (A). Turn left onto Bethnal Green Road and cross the street. Keep an eye out on your right for a oneway street called Canrobert St., turn onto this, and follow it until you get to Old Bethnal Green Road. Turn left onto Old Bethnal Green Road and cross the street. Teesdale St. is about a minute ahead on the right. Just wander down until you get to flat 112 A (B) (it's the blue one).