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Tony Hancock / Person (The Libertines)

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Anthony John "Tony" Hancock (12 May 1924 – 24 June 1968) was a popular British actor and comedian, famous for his BBC Radio and Television show, Hancock's Half Hour. Peter Doherty and his father Peter Doherty Snr. are known to be fans of Hancock, and were once members of the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society, with Peter Doherty Snr. running the local branch of the Tony Hancock fan club. Many of Doherty's songs reference the comedian.

Songs that mention Hancock include early Libertines number, You're My Waterloo (But you're not Judy Garland/Oh Just like me you've never really had a home (of your own)/But I'm not Tony Hancock baby). The Libertines' debut album, Up the Bracket, takes its name from one of Hancock's catch phrases ("Are you looking for a punch up the bracket?" / "I'll give you a punch up the bracket"), and its opening track, Vertigo references Hancock's Half Hour; "lead pipes, your fortune's made" is a line from the episode 'The Poetry Society'.

A Babyshambles tour, and later song, were named after another Hancock expression; Stone Me (What a Life!). The song was eventually released in September 2007, as a B Side to Babyshambles' single, Delivery. In 2005, The BBC claimed that Doherty had wrote an 'exclusive' tribute to Hancock, for their Documentary, The Unknown Hancock, that aired on Boxing day. The song (Lady, Don't Fall Backwards , named after a whodunnit that Tony Hancock was reading in an episode of Hancock's Half Hour called "The Missing Page") was later released on Doherty's debut solo album, Grace/Wastelands.