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Up The Bracket Alley / Place (The Libertines)

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This is the alley in Bethnal Green, London, where The Libertines' song 'Up The Bracket' was filmed and that has become a place of pilgrimage for Libertines fans. It is graffittied with many Libertines lyrics and is close to Carl BarĂ¢t and Pete Doherty's former flat on Teesdale Street.

Up The Bracket Alley (B), the origin of one of the greatest songs ever, is at Hare Row, Tower Hamlets, E2.
To get here from the Albion rooms (A), back up Teesdale St. and turn left back onto Old Bethnal Green Road. Follow this all the way up to Cambridge Heath Road and turn left. Walk up Cambridge Heath Road. Keep going until you see a pub called The Hare on the left side of the road. This is where you turn left to find Hare Row. Head under the bridge. You've made it!
To get back to the tube station, just walk back up Cambridge Heath Road and keep going until you spot the station.

5 july 2014 the great Libertines' reunion show in Hyde park in London started with the footage of the Up the bracket alley's graffitties, shown at the big screens along with old band's photos.