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The Delaney Mansions / Place (The Libertines)

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The Delaney Mansions (basement of 236 Camden Rd.) were the first habitation shared by Peter Doherty and Carl Barat circa 1998, after the beginning of their friendship.

According to Barat, "It was £60 a week for a '60s bedsit and the only access was through a back window - and it was broken. Me and Pete slept top-to-tail on a single mattress and there were some cyberpunks upstairs. You know, those people in Camden who have got plastic straws for hair and and are all on speed at seven in the morning? Them lot. There was an Israeli girl and an American called Eric, and all their friends used to come round and clomp about, make a right fucking racket."

The front door didn't work because "[s]omeone put a chain on it or something. ... If we played guitar at all they'd really complain. Peter would bang on the ceiling with his walking cane. One day when we were playing guitar really quietly the girl came and lobbed a brick through the window, which was our door."

The Delaney Mansions are indirectly referenced in Babyshambles song, Carry On Up the Morning. The Libertines song The Delaney is their probable namesake