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A Day Out In New Brighton

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A Day Out In New Brighton is the B Side to the Babyshambles' single Delivery [1]. It was described by Doherty on the French Dog Blues forum; "It's more of an instrumental with meself narrating a story about a kid who gets a crack round the head for 'messin about' when really his grandad has accidentally put both legs in the same swimtrunk leghole"[2].

When Delivery was released, it was the first time the track had been heard by fans, as it was never demo'd or released as part of a session. A Day Out In New Brighton was described in a review as "sounds like the band warming up, as Pete wakes up, mumbling some nonsense into the microphone and it finishes with a rush of cymbals as if you’ve just heard something auspicious."[3]

Appearing on

Delivery BabyshamblesSingle2007-09-17

NameA Day Out In New Brighton
CreditsPeter Doherty

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