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3 is a Colour
352 Days(Doherty)
8 Dead Boys(Doherty, Walden)
A Day Out In New Brighton(Doherty)
After He
At the Flophouse(Alison, Doherty)
Back from the Dead(Doherty, Wolfe)
Baddie's Boogie(Doherty, Moss, Whitnall)
Beg, Steal or Borrow(Doherty)
Black Boy Lane(Doherty)
BNP Blues
Bollywood to Battersea
Bonjour Tristesse
Carry On Up the Morning(Doherty, Whitnall)
Cell Ceiling Blues
Crumb Begging Baghead(Doherty, Whitnall)
Darling Clementine(Doherty)
Deft Left Hand(Doherty, Moss, Whitnall)
Delivery(Doherty, Whitnall)
Do You Know Me? (I Don't Think So)(Doherty)
Dr. No(Doherty, McConnell, Whitnall)
East of Eden(Doherty)
Enal Yob Kcalb
Fall From Grace(Doherty, McConnell, Robinson)
Farmer's Daughter(Doherty, Whitnall)
Fireman(Doherty, McConnell, Whitnall)
Fixing Up to Go
French Dog Blues(Brown, Doherty, Moss)
Fuck Forever(Doherty, Walden)
Gang of Gin(Doherty)
He Will Fall
I Love You But You're Green(Doherty)
In Love with a Feeling(Doherty, Walden)
Jumping Bean
La Belle et La Bête(Doherty, Walden, Wolfe)
Lost Art of Murder(Doherty)
Loyalty Song(Doherty, Walden)
Maybelline(Doherty, Whitnall)
Merry Go Round(Doherty)
Minefield(Doherty, McConnell, Robinson, Whitnall)
Monkey Casino(Doherty)
Mouse in the House
Natives at the Gates of Rome(Doherty, Ficek)
Nothing Comes to Nothing(Doherty, Street, Whitnall)
Penguins(Doherty, McConnell)
Pentonville(Doherty, General)
Picture Me In a Hospital(Doherty, McConnell)
Pipedown(Doherty, Walden)
Pretty Sue
Raise the Kaboose(Doherty)
Sequel to the Prequel(Doherty, McConnell, Whitnall)
Seven Shades(Doherty, McConnell)
Side of the Road(Doherty)
Songs They Never Play on the Radio
Spit It Out!
Sticks and Stones(Doherty, Wolfe)
Stone Me
Stranger In My Own Skin(Doherty, Wolfe)
Sunlight and the Snow(Doherty, Whitnall)
Terrible Pain(Doherty, General)
That Bowery Song
The 32nd of December(Doherty)
The Blinding(Doherty)
The Man Who Came to Stay(Doherty, Walden)
There She Goes(Doherty)
Un Bilo Titled(Doherty, Ficek, Wolfe)
Unstookie Titled(Doherty, Ficek, Whitnall)
Up the Morning(Doherty, Walden)
What Katy Did Next(Doherty, Wolfe)
Who's Got the Crack?
Why Did You Break My Heart/Piracy
Wolfman(Barat, Doherty)
You Talk(Doherty, Moss)