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Books of Albion / Book (Peter Doherty)

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The Books of Albion are a series of journals, notebooks, and scrapbooks maintained by Peter Doherty. These started out as diaries, but soon became a forum for Doherty to explore his thoughts and poetry. As well as early versions of song lyrics, the Books of Albion often contain writings or drawings from various other people, whether Doherty's close friends or one-time acquaintances, including Carl Barat, John Hassall, Mick Jones, Wolfman, Kate Moss, Mik Whitnall, Jake Fior, and the Queens of Noize.
For the book From Albion to Shangri-La see its own page

The Books of Albion were made available through fans and friends on different websites, mainly babyshambles.com, babyshambles.net, and andrewkendall.com. Doherty has also published new Books of Albion through the website frenchdogblues.com.
In 2007, a compilation of journals was published under the title The Books of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty. Due to the difficulty in deciphering Doherty's script, an incomplete transcript of the published books was made available online by fans, and you can download it here

List of Books (in reverse chronological order)
- Wormwood Scrubs (April 2008)
- Tears Dry on Their Own (December 2007)
- The Books of Albion: The Collected Writings of Peter Doherty (2007) Download part of the book here
- Spots, or Potting Shed (January 2007)
- 12 Steps (2006)
- Pranging Out (September 2006)
- Peacock Album (April 2006) Download here
- Jail Dreams, or Silver Book (February 2006) Download here
- Pentonville (January 2006)
- Church Book (Winter 2005-Spring 2006) Download here
- Black Book (December 2005)
- Bile & Oh (October 2005)
- Hired Gun, or Black Fabric (August 2005)
- Down in Albion - The Observer (August 2005) Download here
- Buttons (March 2005)
- Albion 47, or Palace Revolutionary Music Cabaret (2004) Download here
- Babyshambles (October 2004) Download here
- A'Rebours (July 2004) Download here
- Baby Shambles LP (2004)
- PD (June 2004) Download here
- Transparent (June 2004) Download here
- Befuddled (May 2004) Download here
- Libertine (April 2004) Download here
- Stix & Stones (March 2004) Download here
- Consumption (March 2004) Download here
- This Charming Man (February 2004) Download here
- Merry Go Round (February 2004) Download here
- Montmartre, or Paris (January 2004) Download here
- Find the Devil, or Scratches (October 2003)
- Lonely Villein, or Prison Diaries (September 2003) Download here
- Fragility of Openness (compilation ended 2003) Download here
- Boheme (July 2003) Download here
- The Sweet By & By (Rehab 2003)
- Treasures of Britain (March 2003) Download here
- Novella (March 2003) Download here
- Sketches of Scandinavia (February 2003)
- All at Sea (December 2002) Download here
- Albion 34 (September-October 2002) Download here
- Campaign of Hate (July-September 2002) Download here
- Up the Bracket (June 2002)
- Skint and Minted (December 2001-Spring 2002) Download here
- Through the Looking Glass (July 2001) Download here
- Poems Question (August 1999) Download here
- Pop Metaphysical Itinerary (February 1999-May 1999)
- Thoughts, Words, and Deeds (September 1998-January 1999)
- No Days Off Download here
- Unsorted