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Interviews and articles

2016-02-09 Peter Doherty Interview with Peter Doherty in Bournemouth (rubytuesdaywrites.wordpress.com)
2016-02-08 Peter Doherty Peter Doherty Talks Art, Blues and Gibson Guitars (gibson.com)
2016-01-28 Carl Barat Carl Barat talks to Gigwise as the boys wrap up their UK arena tour (gigwise.com)
2016-01-09 Carl Barat The Libertines' lead singer on sticking with Pete Doherty, and a new-found love of Whipsnade Zoo (independent.co.uk)
2015-12-13 The Libertines the libertines exclusive: ‘we can’t wait to record another album in thailand’ (Loaded.co.uk)
2015-11-00 Peter Doherty Noisey China meets Pete Doherty (noisey.vice.com)
2015-09-10 The Libertines The Libertines: Anthems for Doomed Youth – a reputation restored (theguardian.com)
2015-09-01 The Libertines The Libertines: Boys in the Band. Canadian music magazine Exclaim!'s extensive historical timeline charting the Libertines' career thus far. (exclaim.ca)
2015-08-27 The Libertines The Libertines: 'It was a row that took 10 years to get over' (theguardian.com)
2015-08-26 The Libertines Libertines biographer Anthony Thornton on how the band have matured, their Camden roots and new album (hamhigh.co.uk)
2015-08-25 The Libertines The Libertines on London, their reunion and ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth’ (timeout.com)
2015-08-08 The Libertines The Libertines: 'We don’t really have anything but the music to hold us together' (telegraph.co.uk)
2015-07-31 The Libertines 'Anthems For Doomed Youth' - Track By Track First Listen Review (NME.com)
2015-07-28 The Libertines Q Magazine interview (qthemusic.com)
2015-06-17 The Libertines Thai for heroes (NME.com)
2015-04-25 Carl Barat 'We've opend Pandora's Box' (NME.com)
2015-03-11 Peter Doherty From his Thai rehab centre, Bilo talks to Libs biographer Anthony Thornton about Amy Winehouse, sobriety and his “cracking new songs” (NME.com)
2015-01-30 Carl Barat "It's not going to be boring without drugs" (http://loaded.co.uk/)
2014-12-00 Peter Doherty Compilation of interview in Hope rehab centre (youtube.com)
2014-11-25 Babyshambles Patrick Walden: The Music Beyond Babyshambles (http://themusicalacidtest.blogspot.co.uk/)
2014-11-21 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty 'clean' from drugs: 'To anyone struggling with addiction, just hang on. There is a way out. You will heal' (independent.co.uk)
2014-11-21 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty: To anyone struggling with addiction, just hang on – for more than ten years I've been powerless, but there's a way out (independent.co.uk)
2014-11-12 Carl Barat Carl Barat about Peter's rehab, new Libs' songs and Jackals (NME.com)
2014-11-10 Carl Barat Carl Barat on The Libertines, The Jackals and his attempted suicide (independent.co.uk)
2014-08-01 The Libertines The Libertines rehearsed for one hour before comeback gig
2014-08-00 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty and Bent Angelo Jensen (fashion designer, “Herr von Eden”) for GQ Germany (gq-magazin.de)
2014-07-19 The Libertines XFM interview at Benicassim (xfm.co.uk)
2014-07-09 The Libertines The return of The Libertines (shortlist.com)
2014-07-09 The Libertines Backstage with The Libertines (nme/com)
2014-07-02 Carl Barat Carl Barat puts the word out (interviewmagazine.com)
2014-06-15 Peter Doherty 'Pete Doherty is thrilled he will be returning to the Barrowlands' (dailyrecord.co.uk)
2014-06-06 Peter Doherty 'Drugs are no longer fun' (independent.co.uk)
2014-06-05 Peter Doherty Peter Doherty; My life's 'gone wrong' (belfasttelegraph.co.uk)
2014-06-01 Peter Doherty 'From Albion to Shangri-La' Interview with Editor Nina Antonia (http://upthealbion.com/)
2014-05-30 The Libertines Gary Powell: 'Libertines reunion not about the money' (musicradar.com)
2014-05-23 Carl Barat The Lowdown: Interview with Carl Barat & The Jackals
2014-05-22 Carl Barat Carl Barat talks new Libertines music and Hyde Park (gigwise.com)
2014-05-22 Carl Barat Carl Barât: about drugs, Peter Doherty and being a dad (standard.co.uk)
2014-05-13 Carl Barat 'Why I formed a band using Facebook' (bbc.com)
2014-04-30 The Libertines Interview with Pete Doherty&Carl Barat for NME (NME.com)
2014-04-25 The Libertines Carl Barât:“I miss the boys and playing the songs together.” (standard.co.uk)
2014-04-25 The Libertines Carl Barât:'It's not the conventional way to organise a reunion but that's the typical Libertines way I guess' (theguardian.com)
2014-04-25 The Libertines Carl Barât about The Libertines reunion: 'We’re back in conversation and it’s like we never lost touch' (timeout.com)
2014-02-13 Carl Barat Carl Barat Discusses Auditioning Fans To Join His New Band - Q&A (www.nme.com)
2014-02-08 Babyshambles Drew McConnell: Babyshambles’ music beholds cultural relevance. (ampya.com)
2014-01-30 Carl Barat Carl Barat Carl about recruiting a band via email, acting in Paris and being smutty (altsounds.com)
2013-12-30 The Libertines Carl Barât vs. Peter Doherty in the Battle for the “The Ballad of Grimaldi” (dontforgetthesongs365.wordpress.com)
2013-11-18 Carl Barat Carl Barât and Gary Powell - New projects, DJing, and the legacy of The Libertines. (www.new-reviews.co.uk)
2013-10-29 Carl Barat Carl's Q&A on Facebook - about new album, upcoming tour and everything (livejournal.com)
2013-10-18 Babyshambles ’It's still as mad as ever’: Interview with Mick Whitnall (http://magazine.topman.com/)
2013-10-10 Babyshambles Drew McConnell: Public Pete 'is a caricature' (exeterexpressandecho.co.uk)
2013-09-03 Babyshambles Babyshambles and Stephen Street: In depth interview about new album (Louderthanwar.com)
2013-09-00 Babyshambles Interview with Babyshambles Drew McConnell (outlineonline.co.uk)
2013-06-17 The Libertines Interview with Carl and Gary talking about about new projects, DJing, and the legacy of The Libertines… (new-reviews.co.uk)
2013-05-07 Carl Barat Depression, drugs, darkness and Doherty (www.timeout.com)
2013-04-27 Peter Doherty Translated interview from Belgian Magazine Knack about Confession of a Child of the Century (tumblr.com)
2012-12-02 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty on heroin, life in Paris and his new film:
After enjoying four years as a cult hero in France, the former Libertine is still battling with addiction and unable – or unwilling – to escape his notorious past.
2012-11-24 Peter Doherty My secret affair with Amy Winehouse, by Pete Doherty: Troubled rock star reveals the truth about their explosive romance. (dailymail.co.uk)
2012-10-12 The Libertines Pete Doherty and Carl Barât: 'The Libertines were an accident at birth' (theguardian.com)
2012-06-03 Peter Doherty 'It’s like people want me to be a fucked up, dribbling mess' (metro.co.uk)
2012-05-24 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty: the challenge of making a film as a heroin addict. The Babyshambles frontman's acting debut as a 19th-century roué has been panned by critics as 'catastrophic'. Not that he seems to mind. (theguardian.com)
2012-04-04 Peter Doherty "When Amy died I was sat in a room...knee-deep in sh*t"
2012-02-17 Peter Doherty Peter Doherty: "I was a bit unhinged" (independent.co.uk)
2011-06-23 Carl Barat Carl Barât: The Libertine who cleaned up his act (standard.co.uk)
2011-06-12 Peter Doherty Inside the murky world of Pete Doherty. In January 2010, Robin Whitehead died of a heroin overdose while making a film with Pete Doherty. Here, the singer's former producer reveals how Whitehead became hopelessly trapped in the abusive world of Britain.. (theguardian.com)
2010-10-04 Carl Barat "Those People Can Go F*ck Themselves": Carl Barat Interviewed (http://thequietus.com/)
2010-09-26 Carl Barat Carl Barât: The interview. As the Libertines' frontman, Carl Barât pushed the limits with drink and drugs – plus epic fallouts with band mate Peter Doherty. Now, for the first time, he reveals how therapy and finding love enabled him to make one of ... (theguardian.com)
2010-08-17 The Libertines The Libertines and their fans:
They threw impromptu gigs, pulled beer-soaked all-nighters and tattooed their fans. As the Libertines reform, Tim Jonze salutes the band that put the madness back into pop
2010-04-18 Carl Barat The time just felt right to reform the Libertines (theguardian.com)
2010-04-06 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty's secret Scots gig ends in chaos after singer turns up four hours late (dailyrecord.co.uk)
2010-04-03 The Libertines The Libertines reunion NME interview (Scans) (ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com)
2010-00-00 Carl Barat Was a solo album always on the cards for you? (contactmusic.com)
2009-11-29 Peter Doherty Soundtrack of my Life: Pete Doherty. In his own words: Army life, cockney geezers - and a divine revelation in Neasden. (theguardian.com)
2009-03-22 Peter Doherty Peter Doherty interview: A rake's progress
In an emotional interview, Peter Doherty - as he now calls himself - comes clean about his estrangement from his father, his fall out with Kate Moss and why, at last, it's great to be straight.
2009-01-08 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty Interview. Full and uncut interview (clashmusic.com)
2008-12-06 Dirty Pretty Things One of the last interviews after playing Swansea Sin City (repeatfanzine.co.uk)
2008-09-06 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty: Taking the Libertine. Prison, drugs, music, Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse, his Army major father who has disowned him... Two months in the life of Pete Doherty. (dailymail.co.uk)
2008-07-07 Carl Barat We need to talk about Pete: Carl Barat on the Tragedy of Doherty (dailymail.co.uk)
2007-11-15 Peter Doherty "I'd be a liar if I said I'd never do drugs again" (rollingstone.com)
2006-12-09 Peter Doherty Q&A With Peter Doherty (fun to read) (theguardian.com)
2006-12-02 Carl Barat Libertine in exile (NME.com)
2006-09-08 Carl Barat Dirty Pretty Things: Don't mention it... (independent.co.uk)
2006-08-03 Dirty Pretty Things Dirty Pretty Thing – and sometime Libertine – Anthony Rossomondo, bandmate of Carl Bart, has agreed to answer some questions about the band’s first year in action. (musicomh.com)
2006-04-22 Dirty Pretty Things Down and Dirty. We all know what happened to Pete Doherty when the Libertines broke up. But what about his friend and partner Carl Barat? He tells Simon Hattenstone about romance, betrayal and an evil alter ego. (theguardian.com)
2005-11-04 Peter Doherty Wasted. In a rare interview, Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty talks to Simon Hattenstone about death, love and why he can't go a day without drugs. (theguardian.com)
2005-02-06 Peter Doherty Doherty: the untold and candid story (theguardian.com)
2005-01-14 Peter Doherty Pete Doherty: What A Bloody Shambles (Published in Hot Press)
2004-11-19 Wolfman Big bad Wolf: He calls himself Wolfman and he's been accused of corrupting the Libertines' Pete Doherty. But he claims it's the other way round. (theguardian.com)
2004-08-30 The Libertines After 2002's Up the Bracket gained virtually unanimous acclaim both in North America and the UK, it would make sense that a considerable amount of hype would be awaiting the Libertines' self-titled sophomore release.. Interview with Carl (junkmedia.org)
2004-08-28 The Libertines The Libertiens 'Wij Hebben Geen Geheimen' (!Dutch Only!) (kindamuzik.net)
2004-07-30 The Libertines Us against the world. Widely regarded as the best rock act in Britain, the Libertines have been ripped apart by the drug-addicted antics of guitarist Pete Doherty. Meanwhile, fellow Libertine Carl Barat has been trying to save his friend - and the band .. (theguardian.com)
2004-07-04 Peter Doherty Annihilation beckons the dark star of rock
The Libertines' Pete Doherty is spiralling towards the classic rock'n'roll ending, ravaged by heroin and dropped by the band.
2004-04-00 Peter Doherty This Charming Man: An Interview with Pete Doherty (socialistreview.org.uk)
2004-00-00 The Libertines 'A little volatility doesn't hurt' (prefixmag.com)
2003-06-00 The Libertines Interview with Carl in Glastonbury (rockfeedback.com)
2003-06-00 The Libertines On the road with the best new band in Britain (telegraph.co.uk)
2003-03-13 The Libertines Catching up with The Libertines (efestivals.co.uk)
2003-01-10 The Libertines 'We believe in melody, hearts and minds': The Libertines might be the product of a cult novel: they've lived in a brothel, quote Oscar Wilde and are obsessed with Albion. (theguardian.com)
2002-00-00 The Libertines "You know - Arcadia? The realm of the infinity?" (rockfeedback.com)