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Filthy Macnasty / Bar/nightclub (Babyshambles)

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Filthy Macnasty's is a bar situated on 68 Amwell Street in London, in which Peter Doherty once worked as a barman. The bar acted as a venue in which The Libertines regularly played during the band's early days.

In 1999, an Irishman called Rabbi booked the bands, and the Skint and Minted Cabaret started in 2002 as a free cabaret and open mike night occurring every Tuesday, in which the Libertines would often participate. The audience was usually small, but the majority was in bands, played instruments and similar. According to Alex Hannafiord, "Anyone could play at Filthy's and everyone was encouraged to play."

The Libertines also composed a song titled "Skint and Minted" (a demo of which appears on the "Don't Look Back Into the Sun" single), and one of the Books of Albion bears the same name.

Filthy Macnasty closed doors in June, 2013. A couple of articles were published telling The Libertines history at the venue: Anthony Thornton's blog, The Londonist