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Peter Doherty

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The Libertines

Songs with credits

(I've Got) Sweets(Barat)
1939 Returning
352 Days
8 Dead Boys(Walden)
A Day Out In New Brighton
A Little Death Around the Eyes(Barat)
A Spy In The House Of Love
Anthem for Doomed Youth(Barat)
Arbeit Macht Frei
At the Flophouse(Alison)
Back from the Dead(Wolfe)
Baddie's Boogie(Moss, Whitnall)
Ballad of Grimaldi(Barat)
Barbarians(Barat, Ficek)
Beg, Steal or Borrow
Belly of the Beast(Barat)
Bird Cage
Black Boy Lane
Boys in the Band(Barat)
Broken Love Song(Wolfe)
Campaign Of Hate
Can't Stand Me Now(Barat, Hammerton)
Carry On Up the Morning(Whitnall)
Crumb Begging Baghead(Whitnall)
Curtain Call
Darling Clementine
Dead For Love(Barat)
Death on the Stairs(Barat)
Deft Left Hand(Moss, Whitnall)
Dilly Boys(Barat)
Dirty Fame
Do You Know Me? (I Don't Think So)
Don't Be Shy(Barat)
Don't Look Back Into The Sun(Barat)
Dr. No(McConnell, Whitnall)
East of Eden
Fall From Grace(McConnell, Robinson)
Fame and Fortune(Barat)
Farmer's Daughter(Whitnall)
Fireman(McConnell, Whitnall)
Flags of the Old Regime
For Lovers(Wolfe)
French Dog Blues(Brown, Moss)
Fuck Forever(Walden)
Fury of Chonburi(Barat)
Gang of Gin
Glasgow Coma Scale Blues(Barat)
Gunga Din(Barat, Wolfe)
Heart of the Matter(Barat)
Hell To Pay At The Gates Of Heaven
Hooligans on E(Welsh)
I Am the Rain(Robinson)
I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone)
I Get Along(Barat)
I Love You But You're Green
In Love with a Feeling(Walden)
Kolly Kibber
La Belle et La Bęte(Walden, Wolfe)
Lady Don't Fall Backwards
Last of the English Roses
Last Post On the Bugle(Barat, Bower)
Lost Art of Murder
Loyalty Song(Walden)
Merry Go Round
Minefield(McConnell, Robinson, Whitnall)
Monkey Casino
Music When The Lights Go Out
Natives at the Gates of Rome(Ficek)
Never Never(Barat)
New Love Grows on Trees
Nothing Comes to Nothing(Street, Whitnall)
Oily Boker
Palace of Bone
Picture Me In a Hospital(McConnell)
Radio America(Barat)
Raise the Kaboose
Road To Ruin(Barat)
Sequel to the Prequel(McConnell, Whitnall)
Seven Shades(McConnell)
She is Far
Sheepskin Tearaway(Alison)
Side of the Road
Skag & Bone Man(Barat)
Sticks and Stones(Wolfe)
Stranger In My Own Skin(Wolfe)
Sunlight and the Snow(Whitnall)
Sweet By and By
Tell the King(Barat)
Terrible Pain(General)
The 32nd of December
The Blinding
The Boy Looked at Johnny(Barat)
The Delaney(Barat)
The Good Old Days(Barat)
The Ha Ha Wall(Barat)
The Man Who Came to Stay(Walden)
The Man Who Would Be King(Barat)
The Milkman's Horse(Barat)
The Saga(Roundhill)
The Whole World Is Our Playground
There She Goes
Time for Heroes(Barat)
Un Bilo Titled(Ficek, Wolfe)
Unstookie Titled(Ficek, Whitnall)
Up the Bracket(Barat)
Up the Morning(Walden)
What a Waster(Barat)
What Became Of The Likely Lads(Barat)
What Katie Did
What Katy Did Next(Wolfe)
You Talk(Moss)
You're My Waterloo

NamePeter Doherty

Born39 years, 12.Mar 1979
Hexham, Northumberland

Instrum.Vocals, guitar

The Libertines