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The General

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Terrible Pain(Doherty)


The General (also known as General Santana Deeds) is a musician who has collaborated with Babyshambles and Peter Doherty, most famously on their Down in Albion track, Pentonville. The General also provides vocals for his own band, Ark of the Covenant. One of his songs, "Correction" (also called "Come run Correction"), is dedicated to Peter Doherty, asking him to get off hard drugs.

The song Pentonville was subject to much controversy when it was released on Down in Albion, with many fans and critics saying it was the weakest track on the album. Many fans preferred the version Doherty and The General had recorded for Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show.

As well as their collaboration on Pentonville, Doherty and The General also co-wrote and recorded a track called Terrible Pain for Babyshambles' Doghouse session, which was later leaked online via YouTube by Paul Roundhill.

The General and Peter Doherty first met in Pentonville prison, where The General looked after Doherty. To return the favour, Doherty said that The General was welcome to provide vocals to a song on his band's album. The General wrote on his MySpace: “InI flex with Pete Doherty who is the lead singer and engenderer of BABYSHAMBLES.We met in Pentonville prison thats how the song Pentonville got to be written which is on his album Down in Albion. Just formulated my band Ark of the Covenant. Lead song is Embracing the Ark of the Covenant. My band is here to fight for the oppressed, the captives, mother nature, the sustainable developement of our environment for the future generation. To continue where Bob Marley left off, that means to do the works of Ras Tafari most profoundly.”