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Billy Tessio

Person overview

Member of

Carl Barat & The Jackals


Billy Tessio is the guitarist in Carl Barat and The Jackals, having been recruited via social media. Speaking of the recruitment process, Tessio mentions; "Well, during the audition process, Carl sent over a few tracks, and we’d learnt them, and it was a sound we’d all known for years, but it was the second one, ‘Victory Gin’, that was it for me anyway. It was a step up from before, and that made me want to get up onstage with Carl and play with it. But yeah, the change is big. "

Speaking of the band's sound, Billy says; "It’s a slight departure from that balls out rock, maybe there’s a bit of ska in there."

NameBilly Tessio

Full nameBilly Tessio

Born35 years, 23.Sep 1987


BandsCarl Barat & The Jackals